European company «Wellness World» has been developing the concept of wellness&health for more than 14 years in the European countries.
It represents several companies:

American chain of «Curves» fitness clubs

Korean company «Nuga Medical»

English company «Healthy island»

Over the years:

More than 600 wellness and fitness centers

Spa-resort «Monastic Carpathians»

The plants in production of healthy products and vitamins

About 2 million people are clients of these centers.

They can use our services, buy the unique equipment for complex health recovery at home and also, they are consumers of production.

In 2018, our company has entered the American market as «Monastic Wellness Xpress».

Our Personal Recovery System gives you a unique chance to leave behind the consequences after accidents, injuries and health conditions. Combined with infrared, tourmanium and salt therapy, healing with our Nuga Medical Multi-Function Physical Therapy Equipment is the best way to achieve desirable pain relief.

Be healthy with Monastic!
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