Monastic Wellness Xpress, a chain of wellness centers, was created to promote a health culture and show the way to a healthy life and longevity.

We offer the Personal Recovery System, a developed program, for treatment of muscles, enhancement of the immune system, blood circulation and nervous and respiratory systems. We implement the best healthcare practices such as chiropractic care, world massage technologies and natural self-recovery technologies: infrared and magnetic therapy.

Each program is focused not just on pain relief, but mainly on health recovery.

We combine the best and proven technologies, which provide daily care of the body and health. We show how to create your own mini-wellness center with the «Personal Recovery System» at home. We show the way to good habits and skills of a healthy lifestyle.

Our inspiration is the idea of serving our society. We offer a different way of life without pain, stress and diseases. Our mission is to bring a healthy standard of living and the culture of longevity and well being.

We have collected the best and proven technologies, which allows everyone to have daily care of the body and health for all family members at home. We suggest to create your own mini-wellness center with «Personal recovery system» at home. We want to help you establish habits and skills of health prevention just to fill in your house with joy and life without pain.

 The most valuable thing for us is to make contribution in healthy and prospering society surrounded with care and love with the right for long, healthy and happy life.
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