Support Program of Chiropractic and Personal recovery system.

1. Determining the cause of pain and spine disturbances.

At your first visit to determine what kind of help you need we do health tests, examine and diagnose the spine condition, relieve acute pain by correction of spine, develop the personal wellness program of recovery and health promotion.

If you need help or consultation of our chiropractor, you are recommended to undergo primary diagnostic examination of spine condition to reveal the disturbances and to determine the causes.

Get ready to answer the following questions:

  • What spine area is the most painful?
  • How long does the pain last? What kind of pain do you feel: sharp, tingling, aching etc.?
  • When does the pain get worse?
  • What helps you feel better and reduces the pain?
  • Have you ever visited a chiropractor before? What was the diagnosis?
  • Did you undergo any preliminary treatment of your condition?
  • Have you experienced any serious or contact injuries?

After the consultation we offer spinal examination in the form of probing, inclinations, using special tools, orthopedic and physiological tests to establish the correct diagnosis. You should consider that the process of palpation and bending a spine can cause temporary pain

Then our specialist generalizes all the results and provides the provisional diagnosis of your condition, to make sure that it is associated with dislocation of the spine and imbalance. Also, the specialist gives you the recommendations how to remove the tension and relieve the pain. To start healing with our program of systematic treatment and correction of a spine, the specialist suggests the complex solution and provides the instructions for complete recovery.

Before the first visit you will be asked to sign a consent form for treatment, which proves your awareness of all possible risks of this treatment. If you have doubts that your problem needs additional assessment or some different treatment, you will be sent to the relevant doctor or therapist.

Personal recovery system

We suggest you to get a general test of the functional condition of health. After that you get general analysis of changes in the organism.

2. Relief care.

Treatment of acute pain. Primary medical correction and procedures.

Visit frequency: weekly or two-weeks visits.

The aims and objectives:

  • The correction of the spinal alignment to reduce pressure on spinal nerves and the spinal cord and to restore conductivity of nervous impulses from the brain to organs and tissues.
  • Planning the most efficient way to improve the overall patient’s condition considering the analysis of the cause of pain.
  • Keeping a strict watch over the spine condition till it is stabilized.

To keep strict watch after your spine till its condition isn’t stabilized yet.

You should be ready for physical movement restrictions until your spine recovers and stabilizes completely. During the period of the treatment, you may experience:

  • Pain and discomfort.
  • Morbidity in various parts of body.
  • Aggravation of initial symptoms.
  • Dislodgement of pain to other spine areas.
  • Drowsy and exhausted states.

Warning! As the spine correction requires three-day break after each procedure make sure you treat the spine carefully and do not overload it. Mind that your neck is particularly vulnerable during the period of treatment. The first stage of treatment can’t instantly cure the problem which has lasted for several decades. The longer your spine has been displaced, the more it is damaged. The complete recovery takes quite a lot of time. You should avoid the following:

  • Extra activities. Even though the spine is in the correct position and the symptoms have improved you may still feel the pressure upon the damaged and painful tissues. Excessive activity of the spine may bring back the pain.
  • The first phase of treatment can’t «correct» a problem which exists for several decades. The longer your spine has been displaced, the more it has been injured, and the longer it needs to be treated and restored.
  • Any fast movements of your head or neck.
  • Excessive rotation, bending or lengthening of your neck.
  • Spine and neck traumas.
  • Working in uncomfortable for the spine positions.
  • Sport activities including jumping, running, ducking, swimming, and also skiing, riding, bicycling, motorcycling, skateboarding, volleyball or basketball games, yoga, bungee jumping, etc.

Any auxiliary therapy, such as massage, physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, IMS, etc.

3. Stabilization of condition

After initial correction of the spine our customers see the chiropractor. After a certain period of time it is necessary to control alignment of the spine and the symptomatic response to the treatment. Each visit we take measurements of the spine, shoulders, hips and the length of legs. These measurements are compared with the ones taken during the first visit. After that chiropractor defines the following recovery stage for the spine.

Personal maintenance system.

The best way to get rid of pain is to follow our Personal recovery system package. Massage, salt, infrared and tourmanium therapies guarantee the brilliant effect on your health. Nanodiamond tourmanium used in the equipment N5-1 deserves special attention! On the heating-up surfaces the tourmanium ceramic alternates with the disks made of material achieved by the synthesis of nanodiamond and tourmanium. Tourmanium ceramic is the alloy of tourmaline, germanium, elvan and volcanic breeds. When heated it irradiates far-infrared rays and ionizes air. The infrared heat, generated by tourmanium ceramic, enhances the warming effect, improves metabolism and reduces pain. Thermal influence helps achieve neuromuscular relaxation, increase the vitality and the energy of organisms. Infrared radiation is a type of electromagnetic waves emitted by heated objects. People cannot see infrared rays, but they can feel their heat. Having accumulated the heat, tourmanium ceramic and nanodiamond tourmanium disks give it off slowly. These stones form rays with the wavelength of 10 microns, it is called the long wave heat, which corresponds to infrared radiation of a human body. The heat of other objects is superficial, therefore, the hot-water bottle or iron, which have shorter waves, just warm your skin up or can even burn it. The infrared rays of tourmanium admit to tissues, the cellules pass them without any resistance. They perceive such heat as native because it corresponds to a range of radiation of healthy cells. When an organism receives far-infrared radiation, metabolism starts to normalize, unhealthy reactions stop, whereas positive for health reactions get activated.

One of the most available and safe methods of spine correction is recovery technology with Nuga Medical equipment. Tourmanium effect and moving along the back system, consecutive extension of all regions of the spine, both longitudinal and «in an arc», similar to bending activity, provide extension exercise. Simultaneous deep warming with infrared heat of tourmanium gemstone allows the muscular spasm to relieve and the displaced vertebras to restore the correct position. One of the advantages of such technology is improvement of impregnation in intervertebral disks and creation of ideal conditions for its restoration, including the intervertebral hernias.

Next, a customer can be offered the program of the attenuated correction and extension of the spine on the Multi-Function Physical Therapy Equipment Nuga Medical.

Visit frequency of the doctor: every two-four weeks.

Visit frequency of the wellness center: every day (Supporting correcting massage on the Nuga Medical equipment).

The aims and objectives

  • The extended and systematic correction, decompression and stabilization of functioning of the spine.
  • To restore soft tissues, to heal muscles and to strengthen intervertebral ligaments.
  • To maintain the first results after primary correction of vertebras.

Symptoms and changes:

  • The painful periods will be less frequent and less intensive.
  • Recovery from the following sessions completes quicker.
  • If the integrity of spinal alignment remains, small spinal strains cure quickly.
  • You can increase the range and intensity of physical activities step by step safely.


Remember, if you have sharp repetitive pain for more than 3 days you should see the doctor. If your spine hurts for one or two days but then you feel better, probably you sustain the adjustment and can postpone the visits to the centre maintaining the state by the massage on the Nuga Medical equipment in the sparing mode of correction and extension.

4.  Restoration and improvement of functions of the whole organism, strengthening of muscles and ligaments.

Visit frequency of the doctor: one, two, three months, sometimes each six months for the rest of life.

Visit frequency of wellness center: every day (the supporting correcting massage, procedures on the Nuga Medical equipment).


  • To maintain the achieved result.
  • To support restoration of tissues, muscles and ligaments.
  • To correct the problem before it becomes symptomatic.
  • To maintain the healthy state of the spine constantly by using the Nuga Medical equipment daily.
  • To stimulate restoration of general condition of the organism daily by means of healthy functioning of the spine.

Symptoms and changes:

  • The painful symptoms and aggravations are possible as the reaction of an organism or separate organs to improvement of condition. At the constant use of Personal recovery system, an organism switches internal resources to self-restoration and self-regeneration mode.
  • The condition of spine allows leading the active lifestyle.


  • During the reaction, start using the sparing mode of extension and correction of the spine by means of massage on the Nuga Medical equipment and the infrared therapy including tourmanium carpets with average body temperature.
  • If any reaction to improvement are absent you should continue to use the personal recovery system till complete recovery.
5. Cognitive health and optimization of functions of our organism.


When your condition has reached the stable good shape and well-being, it is very important to keep the healthy lifestyle. It means the customer needs to gain healthy habits, including daily care of the spine and the main systems of an organism: the immune, blood circulation, nervous and lymphatic systems.

The personal recovery system helps the whole family follow the preventive measures of health promotion.

Visit frequency of the doctor: each 6-12 month for the rest of life

Visit frequency of wellness center: every day in the morning and in the evening (the supporting correcting massage procedures on the Nuga Medical equipment. It is also possible to have the procedures with the entire family at home).

Visit frequency of the salt rooms: 3 times a week.

Symptoms and changes.

  • You begin to enjoy the life
  • Deep and sound sleep
  • Stable condition of energy during the day
  • Fast restoration after exhaustion at the end of the day
  • Strong immunity and protective reaction at diseases
  • Reducing of stress
  • Regulation of the relaxing processes
  • Normalization of metabolism
  • Stabilization of blood sugar level
  • Absence of the diseases associated with dysfunctions in the spine and the main systems of the organism


HHealth is a gift, which is meant to be managed skillfully. Do it right and your life will be filled with joy and happiness. Your health is in your hands!
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