We hope you have already enjoyed the benefits of our Nuga Medical equipment. We offer Chiropractic, Massage, Salt, Tourmanium, Infrared Therapies and much more! We realize that with the current pace of life, people constantly feel the lack of free time. For this reason, we have created different types of wellness plans. Every patient can choose the time and the most suitable way to recovery. Choose your own wellness plan!

Our three working areas:

  • Nuga House area. Here you can enjoy the healing effect of Nuga Medical N5-1*, Nuga Medical Tourmanium Mat NM-80* and Nuga Medical Multi-Function Physical Therapy Equipment «Bioheart» NM-55* equipment
  • Salt Therapy area. Area for healing on Nuga Medical N5-1, Nuga Medical Multi-Function Physical Therapy Equipment «Bioheart» NM-55PLUS Ion Halogenerator* equipment
  • Infrared Salt Therapy area. Also, you can use the Nuga Medical Tourmanium Mat NM-2500*, Nuga Medical Multi-Function Physical Therapy Equipment «Bioheart» NM-55, Infrared heating* including Ion Halogenerator equipment.

Multi- Function Physical Therapy Nuga Medical Massage Equipment N5–1 provides a comfortable massage with a thermal effect. Benefits: self-renewal and regeneration; back, neck and other types of pain relief; circulation and increase of blood oxygenation; warming and relaxing effect on muscles and tendons; reduction of anxiety and insomnia, etc.

Nuga Medical Tourmanium Mat NM-80. The Tourmanium ceramic is used for strengthening of the far-infrared radiation effect and is a source of negative ions. Benefits: use of environmentally friendly materials, which are safe for nature and people; compactness and portability; warms and massages all body areas; helps relieve muscular pain.

Nuga Medical Multi-Function Physical Therapy Equipment «Bioheart» NM-55. The mat massager, consists of two platforms with tourmanium ceramic pyramids. These pyramids consist of tourmaline, germanium and volcanic rocks. Benefits: reduces fatigue and leg pain; influences the work of internals positively; improves the work of joints and muscles; promotes the elimination of toxins, strengthens the cardiovascular system.

Ion Halogenerator. A halogenerator is a special type of equipment used to provide a safe and effective dry salt therapy, also known as Halotherapy. Benefits and properties: normalization of blood circulation and heart function; reinforcement of the immune system; allergic and inflammatory processes; cleansing and moistening of the lungs; stimulation of deep breathing.

Nuga Medical Tourmanium Mat NM-2500 is a multi-function massager with tourmanium disks. The massager is intended for prevention of various diseases and reinforcement of the immune system. The properties of tourmanium ceramic: infrared heat, magnetotherapy and ionization.

Infrared heating. Benefits and properties: anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and stimulation of blood flow.



Spine correction

Duration — 6 months

  • 4 visits to our center during 1 month.
  • Nuga House area.

Includes 2 visits with Nuga Medical N5-1 and Nuga Medical Multi-Function Therapy Equipment «Bioheart» NM-55 equipment and 2 visits with Nuga Medical Tourmanium Mat NM-80
You can alternate your treatment with N5-1+NM55, then N5-1+NM80.
You use 2 cycles during one month and receive 4 visits


Health recovery

Duration — 6 months

  • 4 visits of Salt Therapy area.
  • 2 visits of Infrared Salt Therapy area.
  • 2 visits of Nuga House area.
  • 1 Chiropractic visit.

If you choose this Wellness Plan, you can alternate which areas you visit
Be sure to have enough time to schedule your visits, when its needed!


Health and Age

Duration — 6 months

  • 24 visits per month on our equipment.
  • 2 Chiropractic visits.

Make sure to use all 24 visits within one month. If you have used just 20 sessions, the other 4 can NOT roll over to the next month
The services: 4 visits of Salt Therapy area, 2 visits of Infrared Salt Therapy area and 2 visits of Nuga House area; 3 cycles combined.


Package of 10 visits

Duration — 6 months

  • 4 visits to our center during 1 month.
  • 2 visits of Infrared Salt Therapy area.
  • 4 visits of Nuga House area.

Suggests 10 visits during half a year. The benefit of this plan is the opportunity to use our services whenever you wish! Use all 10 sessions in one month or schedule your own time-table! It’s up to you!

Don’t miss any family holidays or trips and be healthy!


Package of 20 visits

Duration — 6 months

  • 8 visits of Salt Therapy area.
  • 4 visits of Infrared Salt Therapy area.
  • 8 visits of Nuga House area.

The benefits of this plan — all visits are multiplied and no time limits!
You can follow your own flexible timetable of the personal recovery plan!
Be healthy!


Choose your Wellness Plan now and start enjoying all benefits of Nuga Medical equipment today!
Be healthy with Monastic!
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